‘77 – Where Have They Gone (Century Media Records)

Jaded Heart – One World (Massacre Records)

Ad Eternum – Guardián Entre Las Sombras (Independente)

St. Elmo’s Fire – Across The Nations (Pure Steel Records)

Circle Of Silence – The Crimson Throne (Massacre Records)

ToJa – Into The Dark (Pure Rock Records)

Walls Of Babylon – Let Me Try (Revalve Records)

Ascendant – Tears Of His Majesty (Pure Steel Records)

AWS – Viszlát nyár (Edge Records)

Death Keepers – Rock This World (Fighter Records)

Evil Hunter – Evil Hunter (Fighter Records)

Panorama – The Highest Mountain (Rock Of Angels Records)

Dave Kerzner – Dirty Soap Box (Cherry Red Records)

The CityZens – Sleepwalker (Fenther ComPress)